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Maybe you’ve just graduated from college and are struggling to figure out what your dream job might be. Or perhaps you are already working a 9–5 job but are feeling unfulfilled in your current role. Finding a career you love may seem like a daunting task but it can be done with motivation and persistence.

“Do what you love” is pretty common career advice but how do you get that career you actually love?

Finding a career you love can be as individual as you are. You will first need to identify your dream career or the qualities of the…

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or in a career you dislike, finding a new career that you love can be difficult. Today’s digital world has opened up a vast selection of tech careers and it’s hard to decide which one is right for you. With all the career possibilities one can pursue in today’s world, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

One career that is highly sought after in the tech world is software engineering. In order to help you in making that choice, we’re shining the spotlight on the position of software engineer today. Everyone these days…

If you’re someone who wants to build a career in the tech world despite not knowing how to code that’s ok! The tech world is not limited to just programming and you don’t have to possess programming skills in order to get a job in the tech industry. Whether it’s in startups or leading tech companies there are various non-coding tech jobs available.

Switching careers can be daunting — you might feel as though you’ve been doing the same thing for too long or it’s too late to try something new — but it doesn’t have to be that way…

sales credentials

There are so many places through the course of daily life where we have to prove who we are.

Just think of the numerous times you are asked to show your credentials before boarding an airplane. Think about how many times you use your Driver’s License to prove your age or your identity.

Proving your skills to a prospective employer or at your current job isn’t always easy, but there is a proven way to build your career pathway in sales.

Credentials. And in today’s world? Digital credentials.

Especially in the highly competitive sales industry, showing how you stand out…

Income Share Agreement-student-friendly — Meratas

College still provides a strong return on investment for many students. But the risk profile of that investment has gone up dramatically with the cost of college in recent years. But we are starting to see a growing number of colleges and universities stepping up to share some of the risks and rewards with their students.

Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are emerging as an excellent alternative to student loans. With this type of agreement, students pay nothing, in most cases, until after they complete their program. …

created by Meratas

For millions of Americans, higher education represents a path to financial prosperity and opportunity. But, due to rising college costs, many students find it necessary to finance higher education with student loans. Unfortunately, some borrowers find it difficult to pay back their hefty debt upon graduation.

When considering your options, it helps to get a look at the big picture and understand the full impact and scope of student loans. Here’s a snapshot of student loan debt in the United States in 2021.

Total Student Loan Debt

  • Total outstanding federal student loan debt is $1.7 …

meratas — provided image

Being such a new form of educational financing, Income Share Agreements (ISA) can seem unfamiliar, leaving many to wonder if they’re a good choice for them. Because they are so different from traditional student loans, it can also be hard to know what going through an ISA contract can look like.

That’s why we’re here, to help you understand if an Income Share Agreement is right for you. We think Income Share Agreements are a great alternative to student loans to fund your education but don’t just take it from us.

We gathered three students from three different educational programs…

image by Meratas

The rising balances of student loans are a major problem. Signing up for a traditional loan without knowing exactly how much you could be paying back or how you’ll be able to handle your monthly payments could be difficult.

One solution that has been gaining traction among online bootcamps and colleges alike is Income Share Agreements. (ISAs).

An ISA is an agreement where, in exchange for tuition, after graduation and as long as you’re earning an agreed-upon income, you pay a percentage of your income back to the college (or funder). …

Image by the author — Virtanza and Meratas

When talking about changing careers or upskilling, many people immediately turn to tech. Becoming a software developer, UX designer, or data analyst makes for a lasting and promising career. However, working in tech doesn’t mean you need to be in a more technical role. Tech companies and startups need a variety of players beyond those building the product and there’s one career that thousands of people are skilling into.

If you’re looking for a career that gives you a great income and the chance to truly succeed, look no further than sales. …


Before Covid-19, 86% of the 151 million American workers surveyed for the 2018 American Community Survey said they drove to work each day. But the pandemic put this to a screeching halt. People are struggling with overworking and separating themselves emotionally from work. We’re working at home and we’re sleeping at work, and it’s really confusing for our brains. That’s where a commute comes in.

Before the pandemic, the average commute was 38 minutes each way. Not only have employees lost that buffer, but they have also taken on more work: about 48 extra minutes per day. …


Meratas provides a complete software solution to design and manage Income Share Agreements (ISA) programs proven to increase enrollment

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